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Are you a Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee or a person under the CUAET Program? We are now offering an amazing new service that can help you thrive in your new life in Canada!

The Benefits of the WE Value Settlement Assessment:


Find resources and connections to:

  • Employment services

  • Language Classes 

  • Community Programs 

  • Schools for your children 

  • A doctor/ health care 

  • Government Benefits 

  • And more!

When you receive your WE Value Settlement Assessment, we guide you through a set of thoughtfully crafted questions designed to understand your unique circumstances. From there, we select a personalized plan to facilitate a seamless settlement plan in Canada. Our commitment goes beyond just addressing immediate needs; we connect you with local service providers to ensure your immediate requirements are met while setting you on a path to accomplish your long-term goals


To learn more about WE Value or to book your appointment, call 613-695-2440 or email

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